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Published: 27th January 2012
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For those who have always loved biking or hiking or stuff like that and for the sake of safety or anything as such have not liked it to stop by and ask for directions the best thing that the era has given is an android Google maps api or Google maps for android, which android Google maps developer have been developing for the same reason of safety.
Android Google maps api with Google map android's "My Location" feature makes us know our position on the android Google map and thus saves us from walking in the wrong direction on the streets of our city or town. Android Google maps api with android map or Google map android also shows details like places, temples, landmarks, historical and geographical features, to give us a clear impression of our position on the globe. Google Maps for Android or Google map android could give you a clear position and location of the place you are in at the moment and also the place you wish to be on with its exact distance and the way that has to be taken to avoid an extra mile, traffic or disturbances as such.
The latest edition of android Google maps or android maps developed by android Google map developer not only has bug solutions, but has few changes to other functions as well. The function that the android Google map developers have been working on is made available to locate your position at the moment on the Google map android.
Basically mobile phone's maps applications are used for navigation assistance, but other features provided in the android Google maps application are:
1) Search in plain English
2) Search by voice
3) Traffic view
4) Search along route
5) Satellite view
6) Street View
7) Car dock mode

Android Google maps developer gives us preloaded Google android maps with effective changeable inbuilt implementations that are made based on our specifications. Many of our much needed functionalities such as shop store locater, and user generated personal map, can be found on such sites made by android Google map developer.
It has been made clear by the android Google maps developer that in a couple of months time new features in the Google maps for android would be made available to the android map or android Google maps api users for their better working.
There may be high advantageous new applications coming up for android Google map api users if believed the signs of android Google maps developers. The android Google map developers have developed android GPS for android maps that have the capability to receive the location co-ordinates regardless of the location, from GPS satellites. The only extra thing that a Google maps for android user might need apart from the android maps or a Google map android is an application that can store maps and aerial photos to the storage card of your phone that can be used at points or places with no network coverage.
The impact of these new developments by the android Google map developers on users of the Google maps for android is, along with local content, users of android Google maps api will potentially be able to view content from thousands of android Google maps api users worldwide with a little help from android Google maps developers.

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